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Clematis 'Remembrance' - Vibrant and prolific. A superb plant for any garden.

Celebrating 100 years of Remembrance.

Hello everyone,
This year we celebrate 100 years of the act of Remembrance. For any readers who are not aware, this is a commemorative day of reflection followed by countries within the British Commonwealth to honour their armed forces members who died in action.
Because of the diversity of the Commonwealth nations the act of Remembrance is practiced in many different ways, however the Poppy is it's one defining symbol and is recognised throughout each of the nations. To discover more about Remembrance visit the Royal British Legion here

The clematis 'Remembrance' was named as such so that people could plant this wonderful climber as a symbol of remembrance for their loved ones, read on to find out more about the plant and it's origins.

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Dainty looking with a beautifully textured surface, yet very hardy and tough.
The flowers of Remembrance are more of a deep raspberry pink than red and are deeply textured with veins and a crimped margin to each tepal. The centre is of contrasting bright yellow anthers on cream filaments which makes for a delightful bright bloom that shines out even in a shady garden.
Plant in pairs for a fast impact and a really striking feature in your garden.
‘Remembrance’ photographed at the Royal Horticultural Society trials grounds
The plant was first first discovered in 2001 as a sport growing in a batch of clematis Comtesse de Bouchaud, the discovery being made by the late Peter Hoddinott at Newleaf Plants in Worcestershire UK. The naming came about thanks to a Newleaf nursery staff member who had recently lost a relative and felt there was not an appropriately named clematis to remember, and so it was named Remembrance.
First introduction was in 2007 and since we have added the plant to our collection we have seen a steady increase in the number of plants sold. Now considered a staple in our range, we will look further now into why it is such a popular plant for the garden.

‘Remembrance’ photographed at the Royal Horticultural Society trials grounds. Two plants grown on one support make a wonderful display very quickly.
As you will see above, one of the main attractions of clematis "Remembrance' is it's incredibly prolific nature. The plant produces around 6-8 feet of growth each year and flowers very freely from early July through to September without the need for much care or attention.
It clings freely to supports of all types and is as happy with a companion plant like roses and honeysuckle as it is on it's own on an obelisk or arch.  You can grow Remembrance successfully in a large container so long as it is provided with a stable support and  so long as the container offers a good volume of compost, to prevent it drying out during the summer.
Pruning is best carried out in the mid spring each year, cutting all the stems down to around 12-18 inches from the soil, just above a new shoot. If you like to tidy the garden for winter, you can prune it back to around 3 feet in the late autumn once it is dormant to tidy it up but avoid cutting it too short particularly in harsher climates.
While undoubtedly a beautiful plant please be aware plants purchased now are going into dormancy, but planting now is perfect to get a really nice display next summer.
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